Anapolis Syrup


Each 5ml syrup contain Camylofin 12.5mg + Paracetamol 125mg in 60ml Pack.

Formulation: Syrup

Flavour: Raspberry Flavour



Camylofin: Antispasmodic (Smooth Muscle Relaxant) /

Paracetamol: Analgesic & Antipyretic


Camylofin: Anticholinergics Drug

Paracetamol: Para Aminophenol Derivatives

Mechanism of Action:

Camylofin: It is a spasmolytic agent with a potent dualmode of action, i.e., it possesses both Musculotropic&Neurotropic Effect.

Musculotropicaction has a direct papaverine like spasmolytic actionon smooth muscles, where it inhibits the enzymephosphodiesterase IV, which in turn causes an increase inintracellular concentration of cyclic AMP and smoothmuscle relaxation by depletion of intracellular calciumlevels. This is the more predominant action ofCamylofin.

Neurotropic Effect: It has mildatropine like anti-cholinergic effect, whereby it causessmooth muscle relaxation, by inhibiting the binding ofacetylcholine with the muscarinic receptors. Unlike themusculotropicaction, which is comparable to papaverine,the neurotropic action is only 1/7th that of the potency ofatropine.


Analgesic Mechanism: It produces analgesic action by inhibiting theCOXpathwayinthecentralnervoussystembutnot in peripheraltissues.ItactswithintheCNStoincreasethepainthresholdbyinhibitingcentralcyclo-oxygenase (Both COX-1 & COX-2).

Anti-Pyretic Mechanism: ItalsoproducesantipyreticeffectbyinhibitingPGsynthesisinthecentralnervoussystem&blockingtheactionsofendogenouspyrogensatthehypothalamicthermo-regulatorycentres.


For Symptomatic Relief in The Treatment of Abdominal Colic or Abdominal Spasmodic Pain Originating from Various Abdominal Viscera like

  • Acute Colicky Abdominal Pain
  • Gastro-Intestinal Colic
  • Renal Colic
  • Biliary Colic
  • Menstrual Colic
  • Pain Associated with Primary Dysmenorrhea.

Dosage & Administration:

5-10ml two to three times in a Day for 5 Days depending on severity of condition


ANAPOLIS is available as syrup in 60ml Pack.


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