Becopedia Drops Strawberry Flavour 30ml


Composition: Thiamine 1mg + Riboflavine 1mg + Pyridoxine 1mg + Cyanocobalamin 2mcg + Niacinamide 10mg + L-Lysine 150mg + D-Panthenol 2.5mg Drops

Cypotall Drops Orange Flavour 10ml


Composition: Cyproheptadine 1.5mg + Tricholine Citrate 55mg Drops

D3-Master 800IU Drops Mango Flavour 30ml

D3-Master 800IU

Composition: Cholecalciferol 800I .U Drops

D3-Master 400IU Drops Mango Flavour 30ml

D3-Master 400IU

Composition: Cholecalciferol 400I .U Drops

disopod 25 Drops Orange and Peppermint Flavour 10ml

Disopod 25

Composition: Cefpodoxime 25mg Drops (With water).

Domdrops 10mg Drops Strawberry Flavour 10ml


Composition: Domperidone 5mg Drops

Feropedia Drops Orange Flavour 15ml


Composition: Ferrous Ascorbate eq to Elemental Iron 10mg + Folic Acid 100mcg Drops

Gripedia Drops Mix Fruit Flavour 10ml


Composition: Dicyclomine 10 mg +Activated Dimethicone 40 mg Drops

Hytwist Drops Honey Flavour 15ml


Composition: Hydroxyzine 6mg Drops

Itsoyum Drops Pineapple Flavour 30ml


Composition: Fungal Diastase 40mg + Pepsin 10mg + Vitamin B1 1mg + Vitamin B2 1mg + Vitamin B6 0.5mg + Nicotinamide 10mg + D-Panthenol 5mg Drops

Kid-Zukam Drops Vanilla Flavour 15ml


Composition: Paracetamol 125 mg, Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 2.5 mg,
Chlorpheniramine maleate 1 mg Drop

Kid-Zukam JR Drops Strawberry & Pineapple Flavour 15ml

Kid-Zukam JR

Composition: Phenylephrine 2.5mg + Chlorpheniramine 1mg Drops

Metafix 25 Drops Strawberry & Pineapple Flavour 10ml

Metafix 25

Composition:Cefixime 25mg Drops

Moxpedia CV Drops Strawberry Flavour 10ml


Composition: Amoxycillin 80mg+ Clavulanic Acid 11.4 mg Drops (With Water)

Neojet Drops Natural Flavour 15ml


Composition: Alpha Amylase 20mg + Papain 10mg + Dill Oil 2mg + Anise Oil 2mg + Caraway Oil 2mg

Parajely 150 Drops Orange Flavour 30ml

Parajely 150

Composition: Paracetamol 150mg Drops

Parajely Drops Mango Flavour 15ml

Parajely 100

Composition: Paracetamol 100mg Drops

Sickset 2mg Syrup Strawberry Flavour 30ml


Composition:Ondansetron 2mg Drops

Silopedia Drops Strawberry Flavour 30ml


Composition: Silymarin 35mg + Thiamine 0.375mg + Riboflavin 0.375mg + Pyridoxine 0.375mg + Tricholine Citrate (65%) 100mg + Vitamin B12 0.2mcg + Zinc 2mg

Simfedil Drops Orange Flavour 30ml


Composition: Simethicone 40 mg + Dill Oil 0.005 ml + Fennel Oil 0.0007 ml Drops

Swaran Prashan Drops Mix Fruit Flavour 15ml

Swaran Prashan

Composition: Ayurvedic Immunity Booster Drops for Kids

Tinycort Drops 5mg Mix Fruit Flavour 10ml


Composition:  Prednisolone 5mg Drops

Trubery-A Drops Strawberry Flavour 15ml


Composition: Ambroxol 7.5mg Drops

Trubery-LS Drops Strawberry & Cherry Flavour 15ml

Trubery LS

Composition: Levosalbutamol 0.25mg. + Ambroxol hcl 7.5 mg + Guaiphensin 12.5 mg

TruBery-P Drops Rasberry Flavour 15ml

Trubery P

Composition: Ambroxol 3 mg+Terbutaline 0.25 mg+Guaiphenesin 10mg Drops

Zingut 20MG Drops Rasberry Flavour 15ml


Composition: Zinc Gluconate 20mg Drops


Discover Gentle and EffectivePediatric Drops for Happy Little Ones

Welcome to Pediazone, where we proudly introduce our premium selection of pediatric drops, meticulously formulated to cater to your little one’s well-being. We understand the profound responsibility that comes with caring for a child’s health, and that’s why we’ve poured our expertise into creating gentle and effective solutions that will bring comfort and happiness to your child’s life.

The Advantages of Pediatric Drops

Pediatric drops serve as a vital bridge to ensuring your child’s health and well-being. These liquid formulations are carefully designed with the unique needs of children in mind. Here’s why they are an excellent choice:

Precise Dosing:

They offer precise dosing, making it easier for parents to administer the correct amount of medication. This accuracy is important, especially when dealing with infants and young children.

Fast Absorption:

Liquid medications are often absorbed more quickly by the body, ensuring faster relief for your child when they are ill.

Taste and Tolerance:

They are typically flavored to make them more palatable for children. This reduces the likelihood of medication resistance or refusal, ensuring a smoother and more effective treatment process.


They are available for a wide range of common childhood concerns, including fever, cough, allergies, and digestive issues. They are versatile and adaptable to various health needs.

Choosing the Right Pediatric Drops

Selecting the right pediatric drop for your child requires thoughtful consideration. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Age-appropriate: Ensure that the chosen pediatric drop is suitable for your child’s age. Some drops are designed specifically for infants, while others are better suited for older children.
  • Medical Condition: Different drops are formulated to address specific health concerns. Have a word with your doctor to ensure what is best for your child.
  • Ingredients: Check the ingredient list, especially if your child has allergies or sensitivities. You should avoid products that contain substances to which your child is allergic.
  • Dosage Instructions: Follow the dosage instructions provided with the pediatric drop carefully. Accurate dosing is vital to ensuring the medication’s effectiveness.
Enhancing Child’s Health

Administration Techniques:

Understanding the correct method for administering them is essential. While some drops can be directly administered orally, others may require mixing with a liquid or food. Proficiency in the appropriate technique ensures the effectiveness of the treatment.

Storage Guidelines:

Properly storing them is important for preserving their effectiveness. To maintain their efficacy, store them in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature variations.

Consulting a pediatrician:

Whenever you have concerns regarding your child’s health or medication, it’s highly advisable to seek guidance from the right professionals. They possess the expertise to provide you with expert advice on the most appropriate course of action.

Vast Product Range

At Pediazone, we offer a wide selection of paediatric drops, thoughtfully curated to address various childhood health needs. Whether it’s soothing a fever, calming a cough, or allergies, we have a pediatric drop that can contribute to your child’s comfort and well-being.

Paediatric drops are an effective tool for maintaining your child’s health and happiness. Their precise dosing, quick absorption, and child-friendly formulations make them a practical choice for parents and caregivers. We are dedicated to providing top-quality paediatric drops to support your child’s well-being. Explore our selection today and discover the difference that pediatric drops can make in your child’s life.

Experience the Difference with OurPaediatric Drops Today

Our paediatric drops offer a gentle solution to enhance your child’s health and overall well-being. With their precise dosing, rapid absorption, and appealing taste for children, they provide convenience and reassurance, especially during challenging moments. Should you have any inquiries or require assistance in selecting the ideal pediatric drop for your child, our devoted team of experts is readily available to provide support. Have a look at our extensive array of pediatric drops, and be confident that you are making a prudent decision for your child’s health.


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